From Decomposition into Fermentation


The origin of all problems is “decomposition.”

All troubles can be solved by only changing them into “fermentation”!


There is certainly the primary cause in all phenomena.

The primary cause about the problem on food production and environment is basically decomposition.


What is decomposition?

All organic matters, for example, wastes, such as a kitchen garbage, feces and urine, sludge, the manure scattered to the field, human body and a body of an animal and so on are in the fate decomposed in a certain form.

At the time of the decomposition, sprinkling a bad smell or spreading a noxious insect and a disease germ, that is to say, to become an inconvenient form for human, called “decomposition”.


On the contrary, a thing that the convenient decomposition for human and garbage return to the ground, or a bee comes instead of a fly are called “fermentation.”


It depends on the bacteria for decomposing, speaking of this difference between decomposition and fermentation.


If putrefactive bacteria are in large quantities, it goes to decomposition, and if there are many fermentative bacteria, it goes to fermentation.

Therefore, almost all problems will be solved by transposing the putrefactive bacteria into fermentative bacteria, that is to say, utilizing lactobacilli.


Since an influence is the most important about the world of bacilli, it is enough if there are a lot of lactobacilli.

The lactobacilli which occupied the maximum influence drives out putrefactive bacteria, and just changes decomposition into fermentation.


What is said — If there is a cheap lactobacilli in large quantities, it means that all decomposition are changeable into fermentation.

Has worth of GRNBA & lactobacilli understood?


Let’s introduce the concrete solution.

Please tell us your trouble!



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