Measure against offensive odor


The cause of a bad smell is putrefactive bacteria!

It is impracticable to solve in sterilization and a deodorizer.


It is known well that the causes of a bad smell are a source of offensive odor, such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptan and so on.

However, where do these substances really come from?

As what was compounded chemically being another, these are fundamentally emitted from putrefactive bacteria.

Therefore, even if it uses a deodorizer as a measure against an offensive odor, it will be recovered immediately again.


How is a disinfectant?

The effect of it does not last long in conclusion.

Although a disinfectant will kill both a good bacillus and a bad bacillus, a part of each certainly survives.

The survived bacillus increase again and will sprinkle a smell again.


What should we do with it?

The way is to change it into the fermented environment.


It is important by sprinkling lactobacilli in large quantities to change into the fermented environment which they are stayed and is always fragrant.




This photograph is a public lavatory of the subway station in Guanzhou in China.

When seeing this dirtiness, it is easy to imagine such a stinky place where a nose bends.


However, the public lavatory became the comfortable environment which is fragrant instantly only with having sprinkled the lactobacilli once.

This is because the strong acid which lactobacilli are emitting removed the ammonia which comes out of feces and urine etc.


And after this, for about one week, as a result of sprinkling lactobacilli every day, it changed into the environment in which there is seldom a smell.

It is because lactobacilli began to be stayed at this public lavatory.

When it comes so far, the comfortable environment can be maintained only by sprinkling them sometimes.


Moreover, since lactobacilli exterminate putrefactive bacteria, it bring about a very good effect for sanitation as well.

For example, there is a case that when lactobacilli are sprinkled in a hospital, a problem, such as a hospital infection, has been solved.




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