Sewage disposal


By using the water refinement technology makes a sewage disposal more effective and low cost are realized!


GRNBA was developed as a equipment for a sewage treatment at first.

The water refinement technology made it easier to remove the oil and fat content and the contaminant in sewage at low cost.

It becomes possible to process effectively at low cost.


The biggest problem about the sewage disposal by the conventional activated sludge method is that a lot of sludge comes out.

However, GRNBA made it possible about a sewage disposal that sludge hardly comes.


Furthermore, the existing aeration tank etc. are interlocked with GRNBA and it also makes it possible to raise the processing efficiency.

And this sewage disposal technology has an idea of utilizing a micorbe.

The water processed by GRNBA can also turn into drinking water not to mention meeting an effluent standard by passing through the “little stream pool” which is a filtration system.



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