Garbage, Sludge, Disposal of Excreta


Re-utilized all organic wastes after fermented.


As there is an agriculture which uses an organic fertilizers, such as a compost, all organic system can be circulated.

However, it is very important whether the state of the organic wastes is decomposing or fermenting.


By using a lot of lactobacilli, garbage, sludge, feces and urine, etc. are led into fermentation, and a smell, a disease germ, and a noxious insect can be disappeared and finally returned into the good ground.




This photograph is the tens of tons of sludge which came out from the sewage disposal plant in China.

What ride on it is the sawdust which is also troubled by processing.


The smell in this is beyond description so that it may be understood how bad the smell is from all the members wearing a mask.

The sludge sprinkled the intense smell to the place no less than 50 meters away from the processing spot. It was in a decomposition state which a smell attaches even to the washing.


When a lot of lactobacilli are sprinkled to this, the odor disappeared in the twinkling of an eye.

That phenomenon means having begun going into fermentation.


In this way, the whole of this sludge was diverted to fields as a fermented material.

Other garbage and feces and urine can also be processed in a similar way.


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