An organic farming is over.

Return to the natural environment where microbes live in large quantities.


From the reflection on large-scale use of compound fertilizer and agricultural chemicals, the organic farming using a natural compost is increasing now.

What is really important thing for fields is whether it is the soil environment as natural as the microbe has settled in large quantities or not.


Since an organic fertilizer is also an organic matter, naturally it decomposes.

It is not cured, even if it pays manure to rotten environment. It solves only by increasing fermentative bacteria.


Moreover, what is necessary is not only to pour in the fermented in large quantities and also it is not meaningful to competes for the degree of fermentation of manure.


A terrible quantities of manure, that is to say, organic matters, have been already thrown into the present fields, and they still have remained.

In the case of such fields, even if it seems like externally satisfactory, a lot of putrefactive bacteria are eating away in the depth, a root is decayed and illness is caused.


What should we do?

If the state of decomposition is changed into fermentation by a lot of lactobacilli, it will be all set.


Of course, the manure in a fermentative state, or the carbon materials which become the food of fermentative bacteria are required for the fields where nutrition became insufficient.

Please leave the know-how about those cases to us.



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