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The smell, illness and feces and urine of animals can be resolved all together!


Now, the breeding environment of livestock is very severe.

They are shut up into the hut where does not get the sun, and made overmedication.

It became very normal situation to eat the unknown food and grow up.

The situation is very stressful for livestock, and the quality of their meat and milk should not go up.

Moreover, people who eats them is not safe, either.


The reason why it happens is that there are sick problems, such as foot-and-mouth disease and avian flu, etc, and the livestock breeder has received an instruction of isolation and disinfection of livestock from the public administration etc.


However, if lactobacilli are used for circumference environment, what do you think what will happen?

The strong acid which lactobacilli have drives a disease germ and a virus away entirely and an immunity action also increases because lactobacilli get into the body of an animal.

In particular, it effects immediately to viral illnesses, such as foot and mouth disease, It is because a virus cannot survive if it is without sticking to the cell of an animal, its surface film is weak and it cannot compete with strong acid of them.


About the method for improving these situations is to sprays directly to the living environment of livestock, and after mixing them with food or drinking water, livestock are made to take in.

Since it becomes livestock which hardly suffer from illness and a smell also disappears by this method, it also becomes possible to farm them outside.

Since the feces and urine of livestock have also fermented in a body, they do not have a smell anymore and become naturally the ground and a compost as they should be.

That means waste problems, such as feces and urine, will also be solved by GRNBA.



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