The bottom of a pond has decomposition!

It solves from the origin by lactobacilli.


An aquafarming in many cases is performed in the pond isolated from a sea etc. and is in the environment where putrefactive bacteria are easy to be accumulated.

However, it does not solve as to whether it will solve, if water is exchanged.

As you know, even if it exchanges water a number of times, neither illness nor an odor problem is solved.


The primary cause is in the bottom of a pond, sand, and mud.

Since putrefactive bacteria are eroding there, it is useless how much clean water was reput into the place.


Latobacilli are effective in this problem as well.

Decomposition can be stopped in a moment by sprinkling them to the bottom of the pond which already drained water.


When it is the place where it cannot drain water completely, what should we do?

Of course, GRNBA have a solution at the place of such conditions as well. Please leave it to us.



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