Forest recovery


The problem of water, the problem of an animal, and all the original points are in a forest!


Now, the problem that a wild animal gets down to a town to hunt for food and breaks a thing is increasing. In Japan, it has still ended with the level of a monkey, a wild boar, and a bear. There is also a phenomenon for some countries where elephants pounced in large crowd and it ruined the town.


The cause of these problems is that the normal function of a forest is lost and there is nothing to be eaten.

We human are made to pay the compensation by carrying out random development and having planted only the needle-leaf trees which do not become the food for a wild animal.


The problem is not only it.

By losing the function of a forest, the filter which purifies water does not function and it causes a mudslide.


What should we do in order to recover the lost forest?

This is the very situation for a lot of lactobacilli and organic wastes.

By scattering those in large quantities, a forest regains the function and the wild animal also comes to return gradually.



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>> Turn Desert into Agricultural land


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