Turn Desert into Agricultural land


Make the desert in the world changed into a rich agricultural land with a natural water tank called “ a microbe”.


There are no signs that desertification completely stops in the world. It is rather expanding with fearful vigor every year.

A desert expansion means that the land which can produce food decreases.
Moreover, it is one of the causes by which the coastline is shaved off because land flows into the sea.


Although there is such a talk of performing agriculture by scattering the water to a desert in large quantities using the technology about desalination of seawater in the Middle East now, it is far from the fundamental solution.


It is because there is no soil there.

In fact, soil is a lump of a microbe, the life of the microbe serves as a water tank and water-holding capacity arises.

The big difference between sand and soil is just about that.


What is required to change a desert into soil?

There should be only microbes and organic matters, that is to say, lactobacilli and organic system waste work.


The project in order to turn a desert into an agricultural land is very grand and there is no telling how much time it takes. By all means, we think we make this proposal to the countries which worry about the desertification in the world.


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