●How much is GRNBA?

We feel sorry, we do not sell GRNBA as a simple machine. Since we design and propose a plan in accordance with a client’s demand. Its price and conditions are case-by-case. please contact us from the following.

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●Is there any catalog for GRNBA?

Since we propose a plan individually in accordance with a client’s demand, catalogs are not prepared. A client actually inquires after consulting with us, we will send a proposal document, an estimate and so on individually.


● Can GRNBA be introduced also overseas?

Yes, we will correspond in all countries and areas in the world. The formal partner company corresponds in China, South Korea and Indonesia (as of June, 2012).


●I would like to do the enterprise of GRNBA.

if you wish to commercialize GRNBA, please contact us first. We have received many request of commercializing GRNBA from many people and areas so far. Please be reminded that it may take time until we are allowed to correspond.

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●Can we become a official partner of GRNBA?

Yes, you can. However there are various conditions. Please contact us first.

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