What’s GRNBA?


The solution which realized mass culture of the lactobacilli, it is “GRNBA.”




people do not believe it in general that this very simple system is the lactobacilli cultivation plant.

But it is a fact.


And also people do not believe that this system has far high performance as compared with all the existing lactobacilli plants.


If only the fact is said, even if the amount of money from hundreds of millions of yen to billions of yen are invested in and a plant is built at a vast site, the existing plant holds only 1,000 to 10,000 tons of cultivation capability at most.

And also its system requires a large quantities of energy for the temperature management etc., and the cost becomes very high by necessity.


some people know how much money lactobacilli cost in a market.

At least, it costs about 2,000 yen from about 1,000 yen per liter.

That is natural thing considering such a reality.


However, in the case of GRNBA , the lactobacilli plant with not less than 10 tons per day of production capacity, not less than 3650 tons when keep continuing the operation for one year, is required to be invested only about tens of millions of yen for a plant and only about 100 to 150 square meters to be installed for a site at most.

Of course, it is possible to produce at least 100 tons per day or 1,000 tons as well if you want.


Electricity is required only for turning a pump, and a manufacturing cost is also cheap.

The price is about 20 yen from 10 yen per liter on the base of a raw-material in Japan.


As a matter of fact, the speed of mass cultivation is the best point about GRNBA.

Generally speaking, lactobacilli increase slowly.

However they can increase twice a day from half a day by GRNBA.


They can increase double every single day! What on earth is so incredible?

People who know an effect of lactobacilli surely understand what it means.


But it is OK even if you do not know about lactobacilli very much.

We show what we can do by GRNBA & lactobacilli from now on.



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