It is a powerful ally of human, an animal, and a plant which exists innumerably in a nature.


A human body has about 60 trillion cells.

It is said that bacilli live the twice of a human body.

It is not an overstatement that all the living matter on the earth could be a habitat for bacilli. Animals, plants and soil are not exceptions as well.


The kinds of bacilli are various. Some do damage to a living matter, and some bring about a good effect.

a lactobacillus is especially famous as a useful thing on a living matter.


A lactobacillus is the bacillus which disassembles non-fibrous carbohydrates and releases very strong acid.

With this strong acid, the putrefactive bacteria which exist around there can be driven out, and can be a source of illness and a bad smell.


Agriculture, the stock raising industry, aquafarming, etc. which using lactobacilli are performed in some areas now.

It is because compound fertilizer and a medicine become unnecessary and safe food can be made.


Moreover, the lactobacilli are accepted and well-known in the world as a good thing for health.

It is good not only for adjusting work of the stomach and intestines but also deodorization and sanitation.


According to a part of researches, it is also effective to the illness of cancer etc. and it is said that it also becomes a measure against being exposed to radiation.
Lactobacilli are not very special for now.

The products of lactobacilli which are distributed in the world are artificially developed and selected for a products circulation. Therefore the balance of bacilli may differ from the natural growth.

GRNBA can harness the potential which lactobacilli originally have without a bad influence on the natural environment, because it uses a viable bacteria extracted from a plant without any changes.

The bacilli extracted from a plant contains photosynthesis bacteria, actinomycete and yeast which help lactobacilli and the effect is immediate.


Moreover, speaking of lactobacilli, the greatest difficulty has an expensive price.

If it is GRNBA, we can use the lactobacilli with the feeling that not so much different from water and we would like to spend without sparing.



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